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Hello, Lovey!

Yes, Lovey, as in Mrs. Thurston Howell, III, the iconic socialite from Gilligan's Island.
Hopefully, you have never been marooned on a desert isle, but you have surely landed on the fabulous online home exclusively created for the multi-passionate woman who is ready to become an industry icon.  
If you are a woman who is eager to step into the spotlight and transform your passions into a world-class brand that captivates, resonates and becomes "unforgetaboutable", you are home.
Here's where IDEAS are born and ICONS are created

A Multi-passionate woman 
Embraces her diverse passions.
She doesn't follow the status quo.
She confidently shines without dimming someone else's brilliance.
She doesn't follow trends, she makes statements.
She uses her distinctive brilliance to shift culture and change the world.
She is a woman first, but she is always...an icon.
A Multi-passionate woman is called to:
- Share her powerful and unique gifts with the world
- Use her mess to create a message that transforms her mission into serving others
- Empower others by letting her "fab flag" fly
- Let the world experience her unique brilliance
- Serve the world through her brand
A Multi-passionate woman is a:
  • visionary
  • dreamer
  • change agent
  • servant
  • an avant-garde leader

A Multi-passionate woman intentionally combines her passions to pursue her life's call, create new paradigms for service and dazzles the world with her unique brilliance .

She loves God, people, and desire to see lives and businesses changed by using her compassion, passion, and dedication to the call on her life through serving the world with her transformational message.
If this is you, here is where you will learn how to blend your passions, build your brand, and create unforgettable experiences that boost your bottom line.
Lovey, if any of this resonates with you, choose below how you want to go from Invisible to Iconic.

Cheryl Pullins' Penthouse for Multi-passionate women 

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